Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Fuel Use in Refuse Collection Vehicles

The White Paper is developed by WIH Resource Group (WIH) and was created from industry research and analysis of the current use of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) in refuse (municipal solid waste – MSW) collection vehicles by both public sector agencies and private sector service providers throughout the United States.

The surveys and interviews conducted by WIH’s Staff with various cities and other private sector companies that currently utilize and operate CNG fleets, centered on securing industry experience, data and knowledge on the following key items of interest to the waste management industry, both public and private sectors:

• CNG Engine reliability;
• Optimal CNG engine type (manufacturer)
• Average age of CNG fueled fleets & life expectancy of CNG fueled fleets;
• Average R&M and operational costs of CNG fueled fleets;
• Determination of the overall reliability of CNG fueling systems;
• Assessment of the legal payload impacts, i.e. contrasting standard diesel collection vehicle payloads to that of CNG fueled trucks (CNG fueled vehicles have heavier tare weights due to the need for larger fuel tanks), including transportation routing cost impacts to and from disposal sites;
• Review of the available grant funding from the State, EPA and Federal agencies to assist in capital costs of fleet acquisition and ongoing operating costs;
• Assessment of the effects of CNG fuels and fueling in cold winter climates and elevation changes which require full trucks to transport up inclines.

A more detailed summary of the White Paper Highlights can be obtained by sending WIH Resource Group an e-mail to requesting a copy of the highlights or by visiting the firm’s website at and slecting the “Contact Us” page.  The complete White Paper in PDF format can be pruchased for $299.00 U.S. funds, not including taxes.  Printed hard copies can be ordered for an additional $30.00 U.S. funds, plus shipping and handling charges.


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