Solid Waste Industry Launches Major Environmental Program

The National Solid Waste Management Association (NSWMA) announced recently the launch of Environmentalists. Every Day: America’s Solid Waste Industry, a national awareness program to help local communities, public officials and the media better appreciate the importance of the industry to public health, environmental sustainability and energy efficiency.

“In every community, the men and women of America’s solid waste industry play an increasingly important role in solving some of today’s most pressing environmental challenges. We are leaders in recycling and composting. We are leaders in generating renewable energy from solid waste,” said Bruce Parker, NSWMA President and CEO. “Environmentalism isn’t just an idea or goal for us; it’s the way that we do our work, every day.”

“Our new program will help the people who work in our industry tell their customers, neighbors and friends about the contributions they make to their communities and the nation,” said Parker.

As part of the Environmentalists. Every Day. program, NSWMA has launched a visitor-friendly web site (, which explains the waste collection process; provides information on the industry’s efforts to protect the environment and transform household trash into renewable resources; and offers tips for consumers to be more responsible with their waste. The site will be frequently updated with news, fact sheets and other materials, including chats and surveys.

The association also has produced a comprehensive toolkit to help its members reach out to their communities to educate stakeholders about the essentiality of solid waste management.


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