WIH Resource Group (WIH) Corporate Profile – www.wihresourcegroup.com

Company Overview
With headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona, WIH Resource Group (WIH) provides clients with fully integrated solutions to day to day business challenges, solid waste & recycling issues, as well as transportation and logistical challenges.  WIH offers creative solutions to solve complex business issues and solid waste transportation and disposal challenges for government municipalities, industrial companies, environmental & engineering firms and commercial customers alike.  In addition, WIH’s relationships with its vast network of suppliers enables WIH to provide solutions from A to Z, ranging from aerial photography to expert witness testimony to Waste-by-rail.

WIH’s “Real World” Industry Experience
WIH Resource Group’s team has over forty years of combined management and project experience in developing solutions to challenges in environmental, solid waste & bio-solids management, transportation and logistics.  Prior to joining WIH Resource Group, several members of WIH’s team spent over forty years (combined) with some of the largest Fortune 500 solid waste companies and the largest provider of solid waste management services in North America, in various senior-level key management positions throughout the United States.

Senior Management Background – Bob Wallace, Principal & VP of Client Solutions. Prior to WIH Resource Group, Bob Wallace spent six years with Waste Management, the largest provider of solid waste management services in North America, as their Director of Transportation & Logistics.  While with Waste Management, Bob Wallace was responsible for all of the transportation for Waste Management’s Western Group (9 Western States) for Waste-by-rail, maritime (tug & barge) and long haul truck traffic as well as the transportation & logistics for most all new commercial, private, and municipal solid waste contracts.

Bob Wallace, MBA - Principal & VP of Client Solutions
Bob Wallace, MBA - Principal & VP of Client Solutions

WIH Resource Group provides clients access to one of the largest network of  service providers.  WIH and Bob Wallace also have many years experience in developing Waste-By-Rail solutions for clients, both small and large.  WIH have developed strategic partnerships in the transportation industry to offer efficient long haul rail transportation through an innovative connection between transportation and disposal sites.

WIH Resource Group’s Team and Bob Wallace’s experience includes the oversight of operations, maintenance, finance, human resources, business development, sales, safety and environmental compliance while maintaining responsibility for multi-million dollar publicly and privately held assets including: a variety of collection operations, Sub-title D and hazardous and Class II landfills, transfer stations, intermodal facilities, recycling centers, buyback centers, material recovery facilities, vehicle and container maintenance operations, call centers and payment processing operations.

Before joining Waste Management, Bob Wallace spent eight years with a regional truckload carrier, as their Regional Operations Manager and five years with a national trailer leasing company where he served in sales, marketing, and in operational management positions.

Now residing in Phoenix, AZ, Bob Wallace is a native of the Pacific Northwest and received his bachelor’s degree from Washington State University and his MBA in Managerial Leadership.

Bob Wallace currently serves on a variety of committees and is active in several professional associations, including the Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA), American Public Works Association (AWPA) the National Association of Rail Shippers (NARS), US Chamber of Commerce, US Composting Council (USCC), American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), Washington Refuse & Recycling Association (WRRA), Northern California Recycling Association (NCRA) and the National Industrial Transportation League (NITL).  Bob Wallace has also worked with several governmental bodies to assist in transportation policy development for the Western U.S. throughout the past two decades.

For additional information on WIH’s diversifed client-specific service offerings, visit their website at www.wihresourcegroup.com or send an email to admin@wihrg.com.

Bob Wallace, Principal & VP of Client Solutions, can be contacted at  480-241-9994 .


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