Analysis Report: The Effects That the Stimulus Bill will Have on the Recycling Industry

Resource Recycling magazine has done an excellent job in pulling together information on the recent stimulus package and how it may impact the recycling community. For your use, we are attaching Resource Recycling’s correspondence to us which contains the link to the stimulus information as well as an offer for your consideration. 

As everyone is evidently aware of, the recycling industry is enduring many hardships because of the global economic downturn, the most notable being the marketability of the commodities collected everyday in our communities.


Overcoming the recession will be a monumental task, and the federal government is optimistic that its $787 billion economic stimulus package will provide much of the help needed to get many of this nation’s industries back on their feet and thriving again. In fact, the recycling industry is one of those industries directly affected by this sweeping response.


To help make sense of what effects the stimulus bill will have on the recycling industry, the editorial staff of Resource Recycling analyzed the package and developed a guide that will appear in the March issue of Resource Recycling.  


An advance copy of the article can be found at the following link:


We want to make sure that our friends in the recycling industry make the most out of this tremendous opportunity, and, as a result, we’re inviting you to pass along this useful information to members of your association, along with a link to a free subscription to Resource Recycling magazine, available here:


In addition to new federal investments in recycling, through money allocated for sustainability and green industry grants, billions of federal dollars are expected to be allocated for infrastructure and transportation projects, increasing the demand for certain recycled products. On top of that, as many as 25 projects listed within the U.S. Conference of Mayors’ MainStreet Economic Recovery Report involve the expansion or construction of materials recovery facilities, as well as other projects pertinent to the recycling industry.


Source:  Resource Recycling Magazine


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