State of Georgia Program Shames Residents Into Recycling

Georgia has enlisted a new tool in its efforts to encourage recycling: satire. The state’s “You Gotta be Kidding” campaign features four characters who wear “I don’t recycle” logos and who provide humorous, ridiculous excuses for not recycling.

Georgia has kicked off a recycling education program taking a different approach, one that pokes fun at the public´s lame excuses for not recycling.The Georgia Department of Community Affairs estimates 74% of the state´s counties provide recycling programs, which include curbside collection, drop-off sites and commercial programs. But about 45% of the state´s residents don´t regularly recycle, said Randy Hartmann, director of the DCA´s Office of Environmental Management.

The campaign exaggerates excuses from residents for not recycling. Fictitious characters wear “I don´t recycle!” t-shirts and offer their explanations for why they refuse to recycle, prompting a “You gotta be kidding!” from the DCA. The campaign´s Web site is

More information on the program is available at

Source: American City and County

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