Oahu Hawaii Trash / Waste / Garbage to be Shipped to Washington State

Oahu Hawaii City officials have reached a settlement with a Seattle-based company being hired to ship solid waste to the mainland.

The two sides said in a joint statement issued Wednesday that the settlement allows the city to award an interim shipping contract to Hawaiian Waste Systems.

Under the terms of the contract, 100,000 tons per year of municipal solid waste that would otherwise go to the city’s Waimanalo Gulch Landfill will instead be shipped to a landfill in Washington state.

The contract is for an interim program to divert waste until the city’s HPOWER garbage-to-energy plant is expanded.

In June, the city disqualified Hawaiian Waste Systems from hauling the trash, saying it had been “non-responsive” to a number of conditions necessary under city procurement law.

Mayor Mufi Hannemann also had objected to the company installing its own scale, since the city had always insisted it needs to be in charge of the weighing to control the flow of trash leaving Oahu to ensure it has enough for the H-POWER plant.

The settlement of a procurement appeal pending before the state Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs was approved by a DCCA hearings officer.

“I’m pleased we’ve been able to resolve this issue, because interim shipping as called for in this contract has been an option the city has wanted to pursue,” Hannemann said Wednesday.

“Under the contract, the city will maintain flow control of its municipal solid waste,” he said. “The city had to make sure that we did this right, and our concerns about maintaining the integrity of the procurement process have been addressed.”

James Hodge, CEO of Hawaiian Waste Systems, said he was glad to work out the company’s differences with the city.

“We believe that the interim shipping of waste will be an important tool for the city’s waste management efforts, and we look forward to working closely with the city to meet its municipal solid waste management goals.”

Source: Seattle Times

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