Groot, an Illinois Waste Management Company Turns to CNG For Fleet

Groot's Mack TerraPro LE (2010Model) Groot’s Mack TerraPro LE (2010 Model) 

Groot Industries Inc., the largest independent solid waste management services provider in the State of Illinois, will add 20 new compressed natural gas (CNG) trucks to its garbage hauling fleet by the end of the year. The vehicle of choice is the Mack Terra Pro LE (model year 2010), selected for its reduced emissions and engine noise, industry suitability and because of the supportive relationship between Groot and Mack, according to Groot Industries Fleet Director, Brian Curry. 

“CNG was an established cheaper alternative to diesel fuel, domestic, and already compliant with 2010 emission requirements without complex exhaust after treatment devices i.e Particulate Filters, and SCR and 50% quieter in operation”, said Curry.

The Mack TerraPro, launched earlier this year, is equipped with a 60 gallon GGE (gasoline gallon equivalent) storage capacity. Curry explained, “On average we use 30 gallons per day of bio-diesel fuel so we anticipate covering our routes without any changes to our operation. CNG engines are very clean engines so we are able to lengthen our oil change intervals, thus reducing overall maintenance cycles. We anticipate a small reduction in fuel economy as compared to a Diesel Engine. This is offset by the overall savings in fuel cost.”

This is Groot’s first venture into CNG-powered vehicles, made possible in part by Federal tax credits and State incentives. “We are also working in partnership with our local Clean Cities Coalition on additional Federal assistance”, added Curry.

Currently servicing more than 250,000 homes every week, the company is also planning to open its own CNG refueling facility in October.

Sources: NGV Global News  & WIH Resource Group

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