Natural Gas Fuel for Refuse Trucks – The Right Choice

NGVAmerica has strengthened the argument for take-up of natural gas vehicles in the US, holding their annual summit in conjunction with WasteCon 2009, on this week at Long Beach, California.

NGVAmerica’s President Rich Kolodziej told Fleets and Fuels (F&F)- “It is an area of special potential. They use a lot of fuel,” he says, “but don’t clock long distances. They do a lot of idling, and draw a lot of engine power to run compactors.” Kolodziej notes that many carters work under franchise deals and are vulnerable to fuel price increases, such as that which occurred in 2008. “Natural gas has all the benefits they’re looking for,” he says, with price stability at the top of the list.

Tighter environmental regulations are also making natural gas more economical. In an advertising supplement – Natural Gas Trucks – Proven, Reliable Performance, Using Our Abundant, Economical Resource for a Cleaner, Stronger America the organization declares its theme of waste management transportation — “Natural gas-powered refuse and recycling trucks are on the job every day in more than 100 communities all across North America with nearly 3500 in service as of January 2009 and over a thousand more expected to hit the streets in the coming year.

The waste industry is just one of several sectors that are embracing natural gas as a motor fuel.” Kolodziej also pointed to the current practice of flaring biomethane erupting from decomposing landfills as a wasted resource that could be harnessed for vehicle fuel. Although conceding that biomethane remains expensive because of purification costs, Kolodziej observes costs are dropping, and the little-known renewable fuel will likely benefit many vehicle operators in the years to come. “At the head of that line are the trash truck operators,” Kolodziej says.

Source: Fleets and Fuels (F&F)

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3 comments on “Natural Gas Fuel for Refuse Trucks – The Right Choice

  1. Isuzu says:

    LA just bought 1000 gas trucks, and hybrids are now the new rage saving about 30 percent in both fuel and emissions.


  2. All of Broward County in Florida uses natural gas for all the vehicles; city buses, waste removal etc. It sure makes a difference in the city.


  3. I am in Houston, Texas probably one of the most unclean air cities in the US today second to LA. We have lots of public transportation with clean energy but most people still drive cars. More public railways, etc is definitely needed.


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