BioFuelBox Deploys World’s First Waste-FOG-To-Fuel Plant

BioFuelBox Inc., a leader in waste-to-fuel solutions, announces the world’s first fully scaled refinery for converting waste fat, oil and grease (FOG) from wastewater into a clean-burning renewable fuel. The company’s first plant, located in Idaho, is processing waste FOG from trap grease and is producing a premium, low sulfur, ASTM compliant biodiesel for on-road use.

“The US discards more than 4 billion gallons of grease through wastewater treatment systems every year that could be transformed into fuel,” stated Steven Perricone, BioFuelBox’s CEO. “Our patented NovoStream™ process provides the most environmentally friendly solution for remediating watery waste greases like trap grease, wastewater scum, industrial food processing DAF, and other wastewater FOG sources.”

Local governments spend more than $25 billion a year maintaining sewer systems, in large part due to grease clogs that cause sanitary sewer overflows. This sewer-fat crisis is causing municipalities across the country to establish and toughen wastewater FOG ordinances. State and federal laws are also becoming stricter making it more costly for industrial and municipal wastewater treatment facilities to dispose of grease removed from wastewater streams as typical disposal methods such as land application, land filling and incineration are huge contributors to the world’s greenhouse gas (GHG) problem. The NovoStream process was designed to help reduce these problems and eliminate a significant source of GHG. Moreover, BioFuelBox’s biodiesel is clean-burning with an 85% reduction in GHG emissions compared to petroleum-based diesel.

Concurrently, BioFuelBox was awarded top honors by AlwaysOn in the Resource Recovery and Waste Management Category. Every year, AlwaysOn selects the most promising cleantech companies in several categories. BioFuelBox was recognized for its turnkey system, which generates energy from waste by processing and extracting value from wastewater streams.

Source: BioFuelBox, & WIH Resource Group

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