Capabilities of the Firm
WIH Resource Group’s team is uniquely qualified to perform Wasteshed Studies due to our industry experience, familiarity with the key regions throughout North America and expertise with clients on similar projects. The WIH Resource Group’s Project Team is selected specifically for our Clients in response to their stated needs. Our Project Team’s extensive experience and qualifications insure optimal performance for all work requested by the Client.

Phoenix / Tucson Wasteshed Radius MarketPhoenix Tucson Region

WIH Resource Group is uniquely qualified to assist Clients in performing Wasteshed Studies for the following reasons:

Wasteshed Studies Experience. The WIH Resource Group Project Team have assisted many clients in the private sector as well as local and regional governments in a diverse range of waste management and recycling consulting services, including wasteshed studies, technical & financial analysis and associated revenues opportunities.

Knowledgeable about the State, Federal and surrounding regions. WIH Resource Group is headquartered in Phoenix and has been providing its diversified services to Clients throughout North America for over a decade. WIH Resource Group is very knowledgeable and familiar with the local waste and recycling operations and programs in all States.

National Leader in Waste, Recycling & Transportation Consulting / Technical Studies. WIH Resource Group is a management consulting firm that specializes in strategic waste management planning, landfills, landfill gas management, collection routing, waste management facility valuations, disposal optimization, waste reduction, logistical analysis, waste diversion, collection vehicle routing, recyclable material recovery facility processing, WastebyRail, transfer station analysis and solid waste systems efficiency analysis.

Proven Waste Management and Recycling Industry Experience. WIH Resource Group’s Team has “real world” operational experience and knowledge from having worked for some of the largest solid waste providers in North America. It’s one of many of our team’s greatest assets. It offers our clients a unique perspective and cost savings opportunity in their own operations.

Leader in Waste Management, Recycling & Transportation Consulting. WIH Resource Group has conducted a wide range of solid waste operational analyses over the past decade and has assisted many clients in improving their waste management, recycling and disposal programs by optimizing their current waste management systems and processes. WIH is currently involved with various projects throughout North America.

• Waste Policy, Economic & Technical Analysis Services. The WIH Resource Group Team has over 100 years combined experience in waste management and the transportation of waste and recyclables, including policy setting, economic assessments / impacts and technical analysis.
About WIH Resource Group

WIH Resource Group, Inc. (WIH) is leading independent provider of environmental, waste management, recycling, transportation, financial and logistical matters. Located in Phoenix, Arizona, WIH provides its clients with fully integrated solutions to day to day business challenges, solid waste, recycling and disposal issues, as well as transportation and logistical challenges. WIH offers Clients creative solutions to solve complex business issues and related matters for government municipalities, industrial companies, environmental, engineering firms, non-profits and commercial customers alike.
WIH Staff takes our Client relationships seriously and strive to exceed our client’s individual expectations and stated needs. We look to establish long term relationships with our clients, ones where we are called on regularly to assist our clients in developing viable and sustainable solutions.

The key factor that differentiates WIH Resource Group from other solid waste consulting firms is that we offer our clients operational management experience and logistical expertise from having worked in the solid waste (refuse) and recycling industries in all lines of business including: collection vehicle routing, solid waste collections, recycling, transfer station, landfill operations, operational optimization studies, rate/policy making and environmental compliance.

WIH offers its clients creative solutions to assist them in solving their complex challenges and attaining their strategic internal goals. WIH’s clients include government municipalities, large industrial companies, environmental and engineering firms, solid waste companies (collections, MRF and landfills), as well as commercial customers. WIH Resource Group is a 100% employee-owned company and therefore provides its Clients the type of attention and commitment they would expect from the company owner.

The firm combines passion for its work with industry expertise and innovative analytics to produce compelling results throughout the entire project life cycle, from analysis and design through implementation and improvement.
An aspect of our business services that our firm is particularly proud of is the number of repeat clients. WIH regularly provides follow-up or expansion-related consulting work for clients after the completion of the original project work.

To learn more about WIH Resource Group, Inc., please visit our website at www.wihrg.com

Wasteshed Market Radius Studies – Geographical Market Focus
WIH Resource Group’s Wasteshed Market Radius Studies & Reports capture all waste disposal operations within a given market. They provide you with analysis of the major players by market share; show you historical trends in pricing, waste disposal volume and disposal capacity specific to the geographic area included in the radius of the study.

Detailed Data on all Public and Private Players
Our report will include a detailed listing of all landfills, transfer stations, waste-to-energy plants, materials recovery facilities, construction & demolition facilities, composting facilities and others operating within an agreed upon mileage radius of a particular origin point. A spreadsheet and map depict each facility and provides details such as the name, location, size of the facility, the daily volume and price charged for each type of waste accepted, days and hours of operation, transportation access (rail, road and waterway), distance from the center of the study area, capacity, the names, addresses and phone numbers of the owner and operator, and much more.

Formatted to Help You Understand the Wasteshed Market
The detailed data in the report, spreadsheets and map, is provided in Adobe Acrobat (*.pdf) format that can also be provided in hardcopy.

Historical pricing and volume and capacity data for each facility
WIH Resource Group and its partner researchers have surveyed the industry since 1991 and consequently can provide very detailed historical data on each facility, including those that have subsequently closed, going back that far in time. The historical data on pricing, volume and capacity give you valuable insight into how the local market is trending, how the market share among each of the players is changing, and the extent of all those changes over time.

Waste Generation, Recovery, Net Export and Disposal within the Market Study Area
Clients have the option to add an analysis of local market characteristics. The total volume of waste and recyclables generated within the study area are estimated using the latest Census Bureau statistics and known per capita discard rates. The volume of waste moving through recycling facilities is combined with local state recovery rates to estimate total recycling for the study area. When subtracted from waste generation, we have post-recovery waste volume which we compare with volumes going into local landfills and waste-to-energy plants to determine how much locally generated waste is either being exported to other regions or how much waste is being imported from other regions.

Market Dynamics
WIH’s Wasteshed Study and Radius Report gives you thorough understanding of the market, the players, the dynamics, average pricing, waste generation, recovery, and disposal particular to the area. Each facility profile is organized by location within the radius, its current known information and the type of facility to make it quickly accessible and useful.

Market Trends
Historical data on pricing, volumes and capacity are also available and can be added to reports to show the evolution and dynamics of the market over time.

Transportation Cost Analysis
WIH Resource Group also provides additional services relative to Wasteshed Market studies such as developing transportation cost estimates for transporting waste from specific locations, as requested for an additional cost. Transportation cost estimates can be developed for truck, railroad and barging (as appropriate) of wastes and recyclables from origin locations to either real or hypothetical destinations to utilize to compare costs to existing market transport and disposal scenarios.

Relevant Project Experience
The following is a summary of WIH Resource Group’s relevant projects for Clients for your review and consideration. It is a partial and representative project list that indicates the broad range of consulting services that we provide to our Clients.

  • City of Los Angeles, CA Proposal Development for Waste Collections RFP
  • Hunt Development Group – Phoenix, AZ Phoenix – Tucson Regional Wasteshed Study
  • DTE Energy – Sacramento, CA Sacramento Regional Wasteshed Study
  • WBH Generating – Tulsa, OK Tulsa OK Regional Wasteshed Study
  • Gregory Canyon Limited – San Diego, Ca San Diego County Regional Wasteshed Study
  • Silver Bar Mine Regional Landfill – Phoenix, AZ Disposal Proposal Development for Cities for Waste Disposal
  • Tucson Recycling and Waste Services – Tucson, AZ Landfill / Transfer Station Privatization Proposal for Pinal County
  • Contra Costa Solid Waste Authority – Walnut Creek, CA Residential Waste & Recycling Satisfaction Polling & Surveying
  • City of Calgary Alberta Canada Waste & Recycling Collections Programs Analysis
  • City of Phoenix, AZ Waste & Recycling Collections Routing and Redistricting
  • City of Los Angeles, CA Waste & Recycling Collection Franchise RFP and Evaluation
  • Private Client – Broward County, FL Transfer Stations and Landfill Valuation Assessment
  • City of Walla Walla, WA Landfill Valuation and Rate Assessment
  • City of Mesa, AZ Refuse Fleet Alternative Fuel Conversion Feasibility Study
  • City of Phoenix, AZ Recycling Collection Vehicle Routing & Services Study
  • City of Coolidge, AZ Waste Operations Performance Assessment – Phase 1
  • City of Tucson, AZ Refuse Collection Fleet Alternative Fuels Feasibility Study
  • Apache County, AZ Waste and Recycling Collection & Processing Study
  • City of Seattle, WA Wastebyrail Feasibility Study
  • King County, WA Recycling Materials Recovery Feasibility Study
  • Metro Regional Government (Portland, OR) Waste & Recyclables Transportation Procurement
  • City of Walla Walla, WA Landfill Waste Disposal & Collections Systems Analysis
  • Escambia County, Florida Waste & Recycling Transfer Station / MRF Valuation
  • City of Tucson, Arizona Recycling Processing & Collection Improvement Study
  • Colville Confederated Tribe, WA Recycling & Solid Waste Management Plan
  • City / Borough of Sitka, Alaska Recycling & Solid Waste Management Program Assessment
  • City of Boise, ID Refuse Collection Fleet Alternative Fuel Study
  • South Utah Valley Solid Waste Dist. – Provo, Utah Solid Waste & Recycling Programs Study
  • Thurston County, WA Waste and Recycling Collections Program Analysis
  • City & Borough of Juneau, Alaska Solid Waste Plan and Disposal Alternatives Analysis

This section provides an overview of the standard applied methodology the WIH Resource Group Project Team employs to accomplish the Client’s objectives as agreed upon with Clients through ongoing communications.

Standard Method of Approach to Wasteshed Studies – WIH Resource Group has used major components of this approach successfully for various other projects and clients, and believes it is well suited for assisting the Client in evaluating the issues in question. We remain open to modifying our approach upon further discussions with Client.

WIH Resource Group is experienced in developing regional Wasteshed Studies and has developed them for a wide range of Client that was looking to site, sell or acquire landfills. The results and findings from the Study WIH develops for you will give you a better understanding of the regional wasteshed and markets, the seemingly largest question for developers of new landfills.  Studies include  regional solid waste and biosolids disposal capacity demand market needs assessment, projected disposal demand capacity for the next 5- 10- and 20- years, market disposal pricing, transportation cost analysis, recycling efforts impacts (i.e. diversion from disposal), survey of existing site life of competing facilities and would in part build off the previous study coupled with current Intel we gather from other sources.

In addition, we develop a cost estimate for the landfill development permitting such as State permit fees, site plan engineering costs, survey/aerial mapping, county zoning fees, State annual fees, outside consultants, meetings, signs, printing, etc. (general estimates), and recurring annual costs to maintain the permits, assuming the landfill is not fully developed for 5-10 years.

The results and findings from the study would provide a greater level of confidence for you concerning the wasteshed, competing landfills’ remaining capacity and current market pricing for disposal to aid you in making an informed decision about the development / sale / acquisition of a landfill.
Our approach is to complete the required elements in a logical, sequential order as agreed upon with the Client to best meet their individual needs.

Pricing for Services
Our approach to pricing is based on a straight time and materials basis and services are charged for at an hourly rate. Final cost of service is dependent on the final Scope of Work as agreed upon with the Client and are quoted in flat inclusive “not to exceed” rate. Cost of services for wasteshed studies range from $18,000 – $35,000 USD, again dependent on the detailed tasks to be performed in the agreed upon Scope of Work with the Client.

For more information, contact Bob Wallace at 480.241.9994 or admin@wihrg.com

Published by: WIH Resource Group, Inc.

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Bob Wallace, MBA is the Founder and a Principal of WIH Resource Group, Inc. and has over 27 years of experience in waste and recycling collections programs management, transportation / logistics operations, alternative fuels (CNG, LPG, RNG, LNG & biodiesel), Fleet Management, Operational Performance Assessments (OPAs), Waste-by-Rail programs, recycling / solid waste operations, transfer stations, landfills, planning and development. Mr. Wallace has extensive experience in working with clients in both the private and public sectors. Prior to WIH Resource Group, Mr. Wallace served as the Director of Transportation & Logistics for Waste Management, the largest provider of waste management and recycling services in North America. He can be reached at bwallace@wihresourcegroup.com or 480.241.9994. For more information visit http://www.wihrg.com

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WIH Resource Group’s Diversified Client-Specific Services include:

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WIH Resource Group is a global leader and provider of comprehensive waste management consulting, recycling, transportation / logistical and business solutions, specializing in, among other services, waste management operational performance assessments, financial analysis. transportation / logistics, alternative fuel solutions, solid waste planning, waste and recycling market studies, business development, business valuations, due diligence and Mergers and Acquistions (M&A) transactional support and environmental services.

WIH Resource Group’s experience includes the oversight of operations, maintenance, finance, human resources, business development, sales, safety and environmental compliance while maintaining responsibility for multi-million dollar publicly and privately held assets including: a variety of collection operations, Sub-title D and hazardous and Class II landfills, transfer stations, intermodal facilities, recycling centers, buyback centers, material recovery facilities, vehicle and container maintenance operations, call centers and payment processing operations.

Based in Phoenix, Arizona, the company serves both private companies and public sector Agency clients throughout North America and internationally.  To learn more about WIH Resource Group, Inc. visit http://www.wihrg.com .

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