California rolls out region’s first electric refuse truck

Carson, California eventually intends to convert its entire waste and recycling collection fleet to electric vehicles in the future.

Carson, California will be rolling out its first fully electric waste truck next week, which the city says is the first of its kind in Southern California.

Officials from the city of Carson and Waste Resource Technologies Inc. (WRT), the city’s solid waste hauler headquartered in Gardena, California, recently unveiled the clean-burning residential collection vehicle at a special demonstration event at the Carson community center.

“Carson is committed to providing a sustainable environment for residents to live, work and play,” Carson Mayor Albert Robles said. “This means that we are using the latest technology and cleanest method of collecting, recycling and converting our residents’ waste. The new electric truck is 100 percent emission-free and a major step to help improve the quality of life in our city.”

The vehicle, which is one of WRT’s 13 trucks used to provide solid waste collection service throughout the city, will hit the streets for the first time on May 27.

In California, most trash trucks are powered by compressed natural gas (CNG), Carson says, which emits approximately 5.9 metric tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) equivalents per vehicle each year. WRT currently uses near-zero CNG trucks to serve customers in Carson, which emit approximately 3.3 metric tons of CO2 equivalents per vehicle each year—far below the 23.6 metric tons that traditional diesel trucks emit.

The new electric truck will be 100 percent emission-free and is equivalent to removing the emissions of 57,669 passenger vehicle miles from the road each year, or approximately four cars.

Tommy Gendal, WRT chief operating officer, welcomed the opportunity to partner with the city and align environmental objectives, the city says in a news release. Gendal further adds that if the vehicle meets the city’s service and environmental objectives, WRT intends to convert its entire collection fleet to electric vehicles in the future.

“Electric collection trucks are part of our strategy to use clean, green and sustainable technologies for waste collection, processing and conversion,” Gendal said. “We applaud the city of Carson for allowing us the opportunity to roll out these technologically advanced collection vehicles.”

The city of Carson says the addition of this all-electric truck will support a number of the city’s “green” initiatives, like adding solar panels to city-owned buildings, holding citywide e-waste recycling and paper shredding and used oil recycling events, and providing volunteer support for local school gardens.

Source: WIH Resource Group , & Waste Today


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